Iquitos Tour Libertad Jungle Camp PeruIquitos Tour Libertad Jungle Camp PeruIquitos Tour Libertad Jungle Camp Peru

Libertad Jungle Lodge

100% Community based tourism, Iquitos - Peru


Iquitos Tour Libertad Jungle Camp Peru Practicalities

When is the best time to come ?

Iquitos Tour Libertad Jungle Camp Peru Practicalities Time to come

Any time of the year is good. Driest months are from April to November. February & March can be quite wet. Every season is a different experience!

What is included, what should I bring?

Iquitos Tour Libertad Jungle Camp Peru Booking Rates

Our rates are basically "all inclusive"; here is an overview of what this covers 
  • Transport from Iquitos airport or Iquitos city center to Libertad, accompanied by your guide or one of the Lodge representative
  • Lodging: small wooden houses, each with 1 or 2 rooms, most of the rooms with private bathroom, towels, bedsheets, soap all provided; all equipped with mosquito nets
  • Guiding (One individual guide per reservation), spanish or english speaking, both available
  • All activities: activities are agreed upon between you and your guide; all activities are included, no supplements (even for optional camping night etc)
  • All meals (delicious jungle food, ie. rice, fish, local vegetables). Simple yet fresh & balanced. Read guest comments, usually they are positively surprised! 
  • Drinking water is supplied, from large 20-litter bottles brought in from Nauta (nearest town)
  • Rubber boots provided, and special gear also (for instance if you choose to try a night out camping in the open jungle!!!)
  • Electricity, during a few evening hours, just the time to reload your camera batteries etc

Don't forget... (you must bring it!) :

  • Mosquito repellent
  • Flash light (1 per guest)
  • Long sleeves shirt
  • All general personal items
  • Optional: your personal drinks (beers, etc: not provided, but can be bought before arrival!)

Lodge capacity

Iquitos Tour Libertad Jungle Camp Peru Practicalities Capacity

Small to mid size groups (max group size is 20).

How to get there ?

Iquitos is the main city of the Peruvian amazon forest. It can be reached by direct short flight from Lima. 

From Iquitos to Libertad (normal route - 4 hours)
From Iquitos, your transfer will be coordinated by your hosts ! Your guide will pick you up at the airport, or at your hotel, and accompany you by road to Nauta (2 hours south-west). From Nauta, the guide will arrange river transport on a canoe type motorboat. From there, 1 to 2 hours to Libertad. See the mini map below to get a clear view on this route. This route is done in daylight, for practical reasons, but also as it is a very enjoyable journey and a great introduction to the surrounding environment. For your flight plan, it is better to arrive on a morning flight, so that you can be in daylight conditions all the way to Libertad.

Alternative route 1 (1 day) 
From Iquitos, instead of taking a car and short boat journey, you can take a local public boat from Iquitos to Libertad. We can arrange this option for you, and even accompany you. If you have 1 spare day in your planning and you are on keen on discovering very local life, this is THE alternative of choice to get to Libertad. Very genuine, yet simple and quite fast. Just ask for it when sending your reservation.

Alternative route 2 (3-4 days)

Fly to Tarapoto (direct from Lima), instead of flying to Iquitos and from there arrange road travel to Yurimagas, the last town accessible by road before the jungle. The access from Tarapoto to Yuri is very scenic (+-100kms) but can be equally challenging. Check for road conditions beforehand. From Yuri, take a 2 nights river boat to Nauta. This is a wondeful introduction to the Amazon life !!!

Alternative route 3 (7 days +)
If you really want to explore, and maybe combine with a discovery of Cajamarca, a mythical inca town... from the coast (or by plane from Lima), join Cajamarca, and from there, there are many alternative & off-the-beaten-path routes to get to Tarapoto. Please feel free to ask, and I will be happy to give recommendations on this.

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