Iquitos Tour Libertad Jungle Camp PeruIquitos Tour Libertad Jungle Camp PeruIquitos Tour Libertad Jungle Camp Peru

Libertad Jungle Lodge

100% Community based tourism, Iquitos - Peru

About us

Iquitos Tour Libertad Jungle Camp Peru WebsiteThe center of the project is the village of Libertad. There, Manuel, one of the village figureheads, is the man pushing with all his energy behind this project, coordinating everything that revolves around it, from infrastructure matters to the  hosting of visitors, and everything that this implies! From Belgium, Olivier, is managing this website (which was built by Pierre @ WAKUP). Reading this page, you might wonder about this structure, and how Peru and Belgium ended up connected in Libertad?

Manuel (project coordinator)        Olivier (website)

Once upon a time...

Iquitos Tour Libertad Jungle Camp Peru WebsiteLibertad has been in contact with Belgium initially through the Quentin Foundation where a Belgian family, pursuing the vision of their son, started to support various initiatives in the village. Odds of life brought me, Olivier, in contact with this family and in the year 2000, I decided to take the opportunity of a visit to Peru to go and discover Libertad. This was a wonderful discovery and I had one of my best jungle experience ever. From the excitement about the route to get to the village, the beauty of the nature surrounding it and above all the warmth of my welcoming hosts!

Since then I have kept regular contacts with Manuel, the village "head" and coordinator of this project. As a tourist (or a citizen) you have a great chance to give a little support to other people through the choices you make at the moment of selecting your travel options. Based on this, and the fact that I believe in pristine nature & simple but genuine contacts making for the best vacation moments, I think that Libertad has to be shared and given support in the tourism dynamic which the village community has spontaneously entered. For a project start, and because the village does not have internet access, I have committed to Manuel to take care about launching this website, promoting it and being the email (or phone) point-of-contact for the visitors. So I'm available and happy to answer all your questions, guide your choices and connect you with Manuel who will personally host you in Libertad.
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