Iquitos Tour Libertad Jungle Camp PeruIquitos Tour Libertad Jungle Camp PeruIquitos Tour Libertad Jungle Camp Peru

Libertad Jungle Lodge

100% Community based tourism, Iquitos - Peru


For reservations or any question you might have, please contact us at

Our prices are "all-inclusive": pick up at airport or hotel in Iquitos, transport to the village of Libertad, great food & bottled water, accommodation (in individual bungalows, most of them with private bathroom), one individual guide for each reservation and all the activities you will select to compose your own private jungle program! For more details on what is included or what you should bring along, please click the Practicalities section.

As this is a community-based project, payments are to be made directly to Manuel, village head and project coordinator. This is also a guarantee for you that all the funds generated by this activity stay in the village and benefit the people involved in the project, who are all village inhabitants! Read the "about us" section for more info on the genesis of this website and the Libertad camp structure. 
3 days, 2 nights
1 Guest
530 usd
per person
2 Guests
330 usd
per person
3 Guests (or more)
290 usd
per person

As an example, a group of 4 for this package (being 3 days, 2 nights) will pay 1160 USD in total or 290 USD per person for the whole stay (food, accommodation and activities included).
4 days, 3 nights
1 Guest 610 usd  per person
2 Guests 380 usd  per person
3 Guests (or more) 330 usd  per person

5 days, 4 nights
1 Guest 690 usd  per person
2 Guests 430 usd  per person
3 Guests (or more) 370 usd  per person
Extra night (per person):
group of  1: 70 usd; group of  2: 60 usd; group of  3 (or more): 50 usd