Iquitos Tour Libertad Jungle Camp PeruIquitos Tour Libertad Jungle Camp PeruIquitos Tour Libertad Jungle Camp Peru

Libertad Jungle Lodge

100% Community based tourism, Iquitos - Peru
Iquitos Tour Libertad Jungle Camp Peru


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Iquitos Tour Libertad Jungle Camp Peru The VillageIf you are visiting Peru, in solo, as a couple, in a group of friends or in family, and are looking for a reasonably priced option to experience life in a rainforest village & genuine jungle, then this is your place of choice. Read further and just decide by yourself ! Don't miss it.

Libertad Jungle Lodge is about offering 100% community-based jungle experience in the Iquitos area, in the peruvian amazon rainforest. Being off-the beaten track and granting genuine contacts with the local population, gorgeous wildlife, "à la carte" jungle experience, simple but comfortable accommodation & careful service! 

The Village

Iquitos Tour Libertad Jungle Camp Peru The Village
Iquitos Tour Libertad Jungle Camp Peru The Village

Libertad Jungle Lodge takes its name from the village of Libertad. It is a small community  that is located in the Peruvian part of the Amazon basin, located some 150kms (100 miles) south west of Iquitos. Access is by road (Iquitos to Nauta, 2 hours) and then boat (Nauta to Libertad, 1 to 2 hours). For the more adventurous visitors, there are some very exciting alternatives on how to get to Nauta, see the "how to get there" section for more details.

The village itself is located on the eastern bank of the Ucayali river. As the village is flooded in the wet season, like all the area, (depending on the years, this happens around february-march), all the wooden houses have to be built above the ground. The village counts 28 houses (that's how they measure the size of a village) and totals 350 inhabitants. People fish, hunt and have some basic crops. Electricity is available for the guests from a generator from 6 to 9pm. Bottled drinking water is provided. Shower water is taken from a well.

Because of the distance from Iquitos, the lodge is located in a very unique environment and has direct access to sections of the jungle with extensive fauna and flora, not found in facilities closer to the city. Libertad sits in an area bordering the famous Pacaya Samiria National ​Reserve. All our tours explore ecosystems similar to those of the reserve.

Libertad Jungle Lodge
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What makes Libertad so unique?

Iquitos Tour Libertad Jungle Camp Peru Experience

  • Libertad is 100% community managed and self funded. It is not a commercial business. Your choice of visiting the village will directly and exclusively benefit the village community. Most importantly: everyone involved in the project is naturally motivated and this should greatly impact your experience! 
  • Libertad is located a bit further afield than most lodges, well away from the city, and this is essential if you want to see a lot of wildlife! The village is surrounded by spectacular primary jungle that offers a wide panel of possibilities for nature enthusiasts. The trip to Libertad, accompanied by your guide, is beautiful in itself, combining road and river travel for some 4 hours.  Because of the lodge location, minimum stay is 2 nights.
  • Apart from the nature immersion that such jungle offers, Libertad, as it is integrated into a small community, gives our guests the opportunity to enjoy a more genuine experience, full of contact possibilities with the village inhabitants. Observing everyday life activities, visiting the crops, sharing with the mothers community, playing with the kids, etc.
  • Each group (you, family / friends) is allocated his own individual guide (english or spanish speaking). We don't regroup parties. Which means your tour will be tailored to what you most like. First-timer or jungle expert, the team at the village will adapt to your needs. They will introduce you to the many aspects of jungle life, with different levels of involvement. All you need is the desire to discover jungle life & be ready for the wildlife! In practice, the planning of your trip is defined when you meet your guide in Iquitos, prior to departing to the lodge, but you can still adjust it along the way... depending on what you'd like to explore more. Adventure tip: part of your nights with us, you can also opt for a 1-night camping excursion in the middle of the forrest. Quite exciting if you want to see what it is like in the middle of the night :).  For solo travellers, upon request, we will gladly try to create a group for you (rates are lower for groups as fixed costs are split) but this depends on availabilities. 
  • Iquitos Tour Libertad Jungle Camp Peru The Village
  • You will have understood that Libertad is not a luxury facility, and does not have all modern life typical amenities. Which is actually normal for a jungle lodge, but always good to be remembered! That being said, most of our rooms have their own private bathroom and each room is maintained clean on a daily basis, bug free (mosquito nets all over), supplied with fresh bedsheets, towels, soap, etc. Our food is local and simple yet carefully prepared, with fresh & balanced ingredients and generously served. Generally quite a nice surprise to our guests!!! Veggie meals and other special dietary requirements will of course be coordinated upon request.

Special thanks to many of our guests, and mainly Connie Tsang, for contributing with their wonderful pictures.